Monday, 5 March 2012

Madness and new faces

Once the boys got back, we had three weeks where they were off school to get them used to Ciudad, the routines, way of life here etc. Days started at half six and ended around eight at night with a half an hour break for a shower. I can honestly tell you me and Evie went crazy. Our brains stopped functioning properly and we went delirious. We literally sat around dreaming of the days when the boys would go to school and we´d only have to work a ten hour day. On the bright side, because the boys didn´t have school, we had more time for sillyness with them which is always nice!

We had a desperdida for Tania which was really nice, but also very sad. She played such a big part in Niño Jesus everyone was sad to see her go! But we got all the boys in their best, bought a piñata, party food and played loud music for the kids to dance to. Dead cute.

Boys being off school and it being summer also meant PISCINA TIME. Lots of fun, if a little crazy.

Daily naptime also made up for a lot of the crazyness! I think a lot of the time we needed it more than the boys!

We also managed to squeeze in another trip to Parque de las Aguas, which is always a good laugh.

On top of all this, we also got news that the two girls in Chiclayo would be moving down to Lima to work at our project! They were only allowed one hour a day of working and had been trying to get Project Trust to listen to them about what was going on since November. It wasn´t until they asked for a flight home that they really got any response. But, they´re here now and it´s great. Mine and Evie´s friendship group has doubled haha!

Moffy xxx

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