Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Bye bye Evie

Sooo me and Evie finally managed to make it back to Lima and we went to meet her parents! There´s something so strange about knowing eachother so well and not knowing much about eachothers friends or family so it was really nice to spend some time with them. We just went for a quick lunch and chat at our favourite La Lucha! Then she jetted off for a couple more weeks of travelling!

I got back to Ciudad and Evie and the boys weren´t here, the two things that keep me sane. Also, a new girl called Amy moved into our apartment and it was disgustingly dirty! I asked around and they were struggling to find work in the office for the volunteers that were here, so it was unlikely there was gonna be any for me. Had to find an escape route because there was still three weeks of time off. Hugo hadn´t made it completely clear that we would have six weeks off work after Christmas while the boys are on holidays, he made it sound like they needed our help in the office. So, for next years volunteers, your travelling time is six weeks at Christmas and two weeks in July, but they´re pretty flexible here so taking other time off is okay as long as you discuss it with him first. Anyway, I considered more travelling or a couple weeks working at a hostel, but decided to go with the hostel because its cheaper and managed to find work in Lima! So that was class and much better than sitting around at Ciudad doing nothing.

Moffy xxx

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