Friday, 23 September 2011

Just some day to day stuff

Just wanted to put some pics on of around Ciudad! Getting into the routine of things a bit better - we've got to know one of the ladies at the market and she gives us free fruit now when we goo! The hermanas took me to the market yesterday to have my haircut as well, which was cool and we had some chaufa while we waited for it to open up. I cracked into my rocoto olive oil I bought at the market where Ciudad were selling their stuff as well. The boys got their school reports the other day - they all work really hard at school so generally get really good marks! They had to have a really formal collection of them though with the director which was kind of weird. It was nice to congratulate them, but they were expecting 3 - 6 year old boys to sit in silence for almost an hour while they waited for them all to be called up. They got a toy car each though and a bike, but I don't know how 26 boys are expected to play with one bike.

Yesterday we had our first hermanas meeting at Niño Jesus - just me, Ana Maria, Elisa and Tania - to go over what was going well and stuff. They're so sweet, saying we're a family and a team - starting to feel like I'm part of a community which is nice. Also, felt our first earthquake this morning! Not a big one, but I definately felt movement!

Just ouside the door to our apartment and you can see part of the farm

Some of the boys playing in the trees on the olympics day
Nino Jesus boys walking back from lunch

Niño Jesus' pabellon

Chau, Moffy xxx

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