Thursday, 7 July 2011

Original project's fallen through

Unfortunately, I got a phone call last night saying that the Arequipa project has fallen through. Apparently the orphanage is prioritising spending money on construction rather than funding overseas volunteers. I'm pretty gutted because I was really looking forward to the Arequipa project but on the bright side, Project Trust have managed find us another project in Peru! It’s in Lima this time, the country’s capital, and it’s much more central so travelling will be made easier. The orphanage holds 300 kids, and they’re all boys! It was only a brief phone call so I didn’t get much information, but I also found out its run by monks and they go to church twice a day, which will be new as I'm not even slightly religious. It's all a bit confusing at the moment because it's a new project and only started in March '11 so PT don't know too much about it and the current volunteers haven't heard anything about construction so we'll just have to see what happens. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to get some more detailed information this weekend at our training. I’m still really excited about going to Peru; it’s just something slightly different to be excited about. Really excited about training as well and meeting the other volunteers going to Peru!

Moffy xxx

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